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14 April 2009 | dataset

American Samoa: local action strategy

The American Samoa Local Action Strategies (LAS) are the result of a nearly two-year process that saw input from territorial agencies, non-profit groups, interested individuals, and other stake-holders such as local fishers, and federal agency partners. This process was initiated through the American
Samoa Coral Reef Advisory Group (CRAG), a voluntary committee comprised of numerous agencies and academic institutions in the territory concerned with coral reef issues. Since its inception in 1998, CRAG has overseen many successful management and science activities, has increased member-agency collaboration
and has improved alignment and cooperation with non-CRAG agencies that have common interests. To address LAS focus areas, CRAG developed both short- and long-term action plans that prioritize activities for funding. Where possible, current and ongoing activities were incorporated into each LAS to provide
continuity and networking, and to underscore that individual agency mandates and projects are supported by the CRAG as a whole. Each LAS consists of goals, success indicators, projects and timelines, and will continue to evolve and develop as new resources are brought to bear, and as projects are completed.

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