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27 July 2022 | dataset

Atiu & Takutea Nearshore Assessment 2019

A nearshore marine assessment of Atiu and Takutea prepared by MMR for Atiu Island Council and Community. The  survey in Atiu took place from the 21st to 30th of May 2018 at ten field sites around the island. The survey in Takutea took place on the 24th and 25th of May of 2018 at four sites around the island. Survey sites were selected to include any existing rā’ui and nearby control areas (unregulated areas open to harvest). Finfish, invertebrates and substrate data were collected at each field site on both islands using SCUBA transects in 10 m of water on the fore reef slope. Invertebrate data were collected on the reef flat using snorkel and walk sampling transects.

Field Value
Publisher Cook Islands National Environment Service
Modified 27 July 2022
Release Date 27 July 2022
Identifier dabd847f-07fc-4cf0-9e9c-2282381a2a80
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Cook Islands
Relevant Countries Cook Islands
License Private
[Open Data]
Author Cook Islands Ministry of Marine Resources
Contact Name Cook Islands Ministry of Marine Resources
Contact Email [email protected]