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05 August 2008 | dataset

Funafuti atoll coral reef restoration project (Republic of Tuvalu) : baseline report

FSPI CCP program has recognized the need of applied research and capacity building to support community based activities. FSPI has been researching the development of low-tech coral reef restoration techniques as a viable management tool for local communities. FSPI, through its affiliates, PCDF and Solomon Island Development Trust, have conducted coral reef restoration
trials in conjunction with the Darwin initiative project. The FSPI approach aims to be community based, low- tech, cost and management effective with a strong focus on active interest from communities and participation in awareness raising processes.

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Call Number: [EL]

Physical Description: 42 p.

Field Value
Publisher CRISP
Modified 15 February 2022
Release Date 05 August 2008
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Identifier VL-34791
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location Pacific Region
Relevant Countries Pacific Region
License Public
[Open Data]
Contact Name SPREP Records and Archives Officer
Contact Email [email protected]