NES and SPREP teams involved in the ACP MEA phase III programme training

This week NES welcomed SPREP representatives from Samoa to deliver several key training sessions.

One such training event was on the African, Caribbean & Pacific Multilateral Environmental Agreements programme, which is in its third phase of implementation (ACP MEA phase III). This programme will run from 2021-2025.

The training highlighted areas that NES can seek support from SPREP under the programme to assist national obligations to MEAs, such as reporting, monitoring and enforcement. Such MEAs include those relating to biodiversity, such as the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) and Convention on Migratory Species (CMS), as well as waste related MEAs, such as the Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm (BRS) conventions.

The ACP MEA phase III programme aims to strengthen national capacities to be able to effectively deliver on the international conventions to which the Cook Islands is a party.