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 Secretariat of the Pacific Regional Environment Programme (SPREP)

The Government of Papua New Guinea has developed this National Marine Spill
Contingency Plan (NATPLAN) as part of its commitment to protecting its and our
valuable coastal and marine resources from the threat of marine pollution
NATPLAN has been developed to reflect the essential steps necessary to initiate,
conduct and terminate an emergency spill response on, or into the navigable
waters of Papua New Guinea, on the adjoining shorelines, the waters of the
contiguous zone or into waters of the exclusive economic zone.

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

Mangaia is the only inhabited island in the Southern Cooks where our data show the ra’ui system of traditional marine resources management is actively functioning and allowing species to recover between harvests. This is an accomplishment that should give the local resource managers (Mangaia Island Council and Traditional Leaders) great pride. Furthermore, the willingness to adopt new management strategies (e.g. by initiating permanent ra’ui sites) shows a continued drive to enhance ecosystem health for the benefit of nearshore species and local communities.