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 Cook Islands National Environment Service

biodiversity data for invertebrates, vertebrates, endemic and invasive species

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

Medicinal Use of Plants Cook Islands 2016 or older

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

Taunga on Mangaia and Mitiaro 2004

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

Number of permits and consents approved from Jan - Mar 2018

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

This is completely made up data.

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

Planning resource for integrated action planning for the management of the Cook Islands marine environment

 Cook Islands National Environment Service

Data on adaptation measures including access to rainwater tanks, food and live animals exported and imported and improved agriculture varieties. Also has information on monthly sea level rise in Rarotonga and other imported data which can help assess adaptation to Climate Change

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Number of Permits and Consents issued by NES within Jan - Mar 2018 by Vaka. Includes building permits, consents and permits for EIAs

This a completely made up fictional dataset.

Data quality is pretty low, I wouldn't trust it.

Data is accurate and data points are sourced (in each row) but some documents have not been referenced e.g. Island strategic plans for those pa enua islands that have them. Based on 2017 documents but last worked on 27 March 2018.

Dominant sources of GHGs in the Cook Islands, 2006. (Cook Islands Second National Communication under the UNFCCC, 2011)

Ozone Depleting Substances Consumption data from UNEP 2015 or older

Imported substances CFCs, HCFCs, HBFCs, halons, methyl chloroform, carbon, tetrachloride, bromochloromethane, or methyl bromide in metric tonnes from Jan to Dec 2012

Details the legislations and actions in place regarding the ban or importation of specific ODS chemicals

Food and live animals imported and exported 2005-2013

Forest Area from Source: Oliver, W. 1999 in FAO Global Forest Resource Assessment 2010, Cook Islands.